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Hello there, welcome to Refined by Nas.

I welcome you hoping to inspire you to tap into your inner incogitable selves. You will be provided with essential items that every male or female should have in their wardrobe for any event to accomplish your own outlandish styles. Ideas and rules of how to use these tools amidst other things will also be discussed.

R|N focuses mostly on basic fashion tips, tricks and rules. Newcomers to the fashion world or those inspired by fashion are promised to find the guide they’ve been searching for. For those who have a fair knowledge of style and fashion we promise to keep you intrigued as well, and welcome support in bringing up our fashion neophytes up to speed with counseling, shopping and essentials.

R|N also incorporates categories such as “Lookbook”, “Fashion Style & Trends”, “Events” and “Fitness,” all which will be in place soon, covering all aspects of lifestyle needs. For our fashion novices, this is the beginning of an adventure into becoming a proud stylish individual. We hope you enjoy!

Men’s fashion is successively relevant and beneficial in our society today, synonymously with women’s. For this reason, it’s easy for a lot of us to feel neglected through this journey, while others simply join the bandwagon, buying whatever is believed to be in vogue. Men’s fashion being in the up and coming, engenders us to aid bad habits influenced by societal opinions, thereby influencing consumed items. Men let me be the first to tell you, this habit is as bad as trying to woo a girl with the same pickup line. It all stops now! If you’re a true fashion enthusiast or even a novice, my tactics are to breakdown and analyze where to start when it comes to the world of Men’s fashion. I provide detailed tips on how to build a diverse and assorted wardrobe for any occasion without making the mistakes that the majority of us do.

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~Nasir ~