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One of the brightest gems about New England weather is its dazzling uncertainty. One minute sunny, the next cold and windy, a few more minutes later and its either raining or even snowing. After many chilling days, we finally got a break from the winds. The simplicity of this look is essential for pulling it off in different weather conditions.

First, let me introduce you to a company named Modern Tailor. Modern Tailor is a company that uses technology on your cell phone to essentially replace a traditional tailor to create tailored outfits for you from Suits, Shirts, Separates, etc. They claim to provide results 20% more accurate than your traditional tailor, so I decided to give them a shot. Being that I’m 6’1″ with a 6’2″ hand span, one of my biggest issues with shirts are the neck size, hand length and overall fit. These are common concerns that tie back to my Mesomorph Body Type, typically “Ready to Wear” shirts off the rack are a no go for me, leaving tailoring as my option of choice.

Steps to working with this company are as follows:

  1. First, choose your Fabric.
    • They have tons of options by Season, Ply, Material, Thread Count, Weight, Color, Pattern, etc.
  2. Secondly, design your shirt.
    • Shirt type – Dress shirt, Casual, Tuxedo, etc.
    • Collar type – Classic, Narrow, Button down, Italian, Wing Up. Also, including, adding a removable collar stay, collar lining, back collar button, and Collar color contrast
    • Sleeves and Cuff type – Round 1 Button, Cut corner, French Cuff, Portofino, etc.
    • Button type and Color, Pockets and Monogram
    • Placket configuration and other shirt modifications
  3. Then, take your measurements.
    • In this section, I decided to play it safe by using the web version rather than the phone app. That’s because there’s  better precision that comes with being measured with a measuring tape for perfect fit. Modern Tailor provides directions for every measurement correctly to the nearest inch.
  4. Finally, check out and wait for your shirt.

My Verdict: The final product fits close to perfect and I was surprised by how well it conforms to my body. But I won’t ditch my tailor just yet, there’s room for improvement with the tailoring and choice of material merger and completion time. If you’re looking into getting your wardrobe filled with tailored shirts and suits for reasons that span from starting a career job to revamping your closet and dressing your age, this is definitely a affordable way to go for sure. To give you a head start, Modern Tailor has provided a $20 code off your first purchase to Refined by Nas readers at the bottom of this post.

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Featured Tailored Dress Shirt: Modern Tailor

Light Grey Suit Trouser: Zara

Brown Belt: Tommy Hilfiger

Chambray Tie: Kiton

Cashmere Sweater: Clubroom

Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Brown Woven Tassel Kiltie Loafers: Mezlan


Note from Nas:

Use Code “20FIRST” to get $20 off your purchase at Modern Tailor or click here.


Big Thanks to the Refined by Nas Team:

Photographer: Dele Oyedepo (d2tography)

Retouching, IT, Writing: Lateef Orulebaja

Modeling, Production, Styling, Writing: Nasir Yussuf

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