The Commuter

We usually associate the word ‘travel’ with the idea of planes and different countries/cities, drinking cocktails and experimenting new things and ideas away from the mundane. However, for the daily traveler, it’s a redundant and monotonous routine of trekking, trains, cars and woeful boredom. The experience of commuting becomes entrenched in our being, a cycle of tiresome journeys where you partake in an automaton, not perceiving or feeling but rather going through the motions again and again till the course of automaton is changed.
This made me think of our routine journey to work in specific, and how the frenetic stride of our lives is all geared towards that goal of getting to work, performing our tasks, and then getting home again.

A much closer look at this cycle reveals just how much energy we exhaust. From the climate-destroying fumes emitted from our cars, to the caffeine-induced adrenaline to overcome sluggish starts, to even our absent, unrelaxed, hanging on by a thread till the day is over which could be arguably denoted a Psychological consumption of energy.

Amidst all of this, one thing that doesn’t remain a cycle through the never-ending day by day commute is our outfit. Comfort, Endurance and Practicality are easily the best choices for such routine and thanks to the coalition of Military inspired staple pieces, Menswear has served time in the ranks and found favor in our commuting lives too.



Trench Coat: Zara

Navy Blue Endurance Pant: Combatant Gentleman

Cashmere Sweater: Clubroom

Briefcase: Gifted

Scarf: Zjajah Creation

Knit Tie: Uniqlo

Black Belt & Socks : Tommy Hilfiger

Dress Shirt : T.M. Lewin

Watch: Timex 

Brown Leather Boots : Supply Lab


Note from Nas:

I’ve been slowly deviating from here for a while now, but don’t worry, i’ve been working on numerous collaborations which i;m excited and cant wait to showcase them to you guys. As always thanks.

Big Thanks to the Refined by Nas Team:

Photographer: Dele Oyedepo (d2tography)

Retouching, IT, Writing: Lateef Orulebaja

Modeling, Production, Styling, Writing: Nasir Yussuf

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